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What You Are Going To Discover
This completely free book will let you into a secret – the secret that over 99% of successful network marketers know – that there are 3 ‘Lost' Funnels, what these funnels are and how to leverage them for success:  
The 3-Way Call Funnel:

 This funnel is great for those who are completely new to network marketing because it doesn’t rely on any established reputation. You can use this quickly and easily to build great communication between yourself and any prospect. No need to involve anyone in your upline; no need to make lots of extra phone calls. A perfect funnel for the novice or expert marketer alike.
The ‘Home Party’ Funnel: 
No need to set foot outside, no more carrying around product samples – this is not a traditional method of network marketing – it is all done online, taking out all of the legwork and hassle, leaving you free to focus on your prospect.

The Hotel Meeting Funnel:
 This particular funnel means that by massively growing your team your business will expand, you’ll start to see your pay checks increase as you duplication and multiply your income. This is a perfect way to build a solid base for your business. 
How to Leverage these 3 Funnels to build ANY Opportunity – In Under 10 Minutes!”
You may well be thinking, ‘how can I use these funnels to grow my business'?
The answer is simple – these 3 offline funnels are used by ALL hugely successful networking companies.
It seems that as soon as people get online they forget all about these 3 basic funnels that have worked so well for such a long time! These 3 easy funnels are the key, yet many people leave them behind to follow the latest trend.
Going back to the most successful strategies and funnels is the number one way that you can work smart to make your business a success!
This book aims to take you back to basics, to look at exactly how these 3 ‘lost' funnels have worked to make over 99% of marketing companies successful. Not only that, but it will show you how to reproduce this success for yourself so that you will be able to leverage the funnels to ramp up your own network marketing business. All it takes is around 10 minutes of your time and you will be using the funnels like a pro!
As a bonus, the book reminds you about the one special step that is often forgotten but is essential if you want to gain the sort of salary that you deserve.

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'The greatest thing since ClickFunnels!'
it changed my life
'The greatest thing since ClickFunnels!'
it changed my life
'The greatest thing since ClickFunnels!'
it changed my life
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